10 Playgrounds Around Adelaide Your Kids Will Love

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With the school holidays creeping up on us, you’re probably thinking, how will I occupy them every day, without spending a fortune? There are only so many playdates and free community events you can organise.

I’ve recently discovered over half a dozen playgrounds around Adelaide that are gorgeous, not often crowded and fun to visit for the whole family. The kids can run around and burn off energy, while the adults enjoy a breather with a coffee in-hand. I know we modern Mums are busy, so just keep this link handy on your phone when planning out your summer days. Oh, and my little one, Indy, has also given them all his stamp of approval.

The Best Playgrounds in Adelaide

Playgrounds in Adelaide1. Marshmallow Park – Glen Osmond Road, Adelaide

Just like its name, this park is cool. I love the large trees that cover the play area and provide great shade for the kiddies in the summer months. The council has recently given Marshmallow Park a major facelift with modern décor. Better still, they’ve kept the old favourites – swings, slides, and sand with plenty of climbing fixtures.  The new rock hill water play feature with interactive nature play elements is fun for all ages, but make sure you bring a change of clothes, as they are sure to get wet.

The park is fenced off, so you don’t need to worry about your little ones running too far. There’s also a tennis court and half basketball court just outside the fenced area for the older children. Marshmallow Park is also now part of the new Pelzer Park/Pityarilla Activity Hub, incorporating a renewed creek bed, Oxbow nature playspace and the Pityarilla dog park.

2. The Glover Playground, “Helicopter Park” – Lefevre Terrace, North Adelaide

“Mummy, can we go play at the park with the helicopter?” Of course, the playground with a helicopter in the middle of it simply has to be on the list. So, let me introduce you to Glover Playground. It also has a large sandpit with diggers, swings, bouncy ride-ons and loads of climbing structures. There is a large spinning wheel that allows the children to interact and work together to make it turn. It’s fenced off too, so no ‘wandering’ worries.

Playgrounds in Adelaide3. Princess Elizabeth Playground, “Castle Park” – South Terrace, Adelaide

Another one of Indy’s favourites, Princess Elizabeth Playground is one of the largest on this list. And, the medieval castle with a large slide is a favourite with the kids, as it lets their imaginations run wild. The playground also includes trampolines in the ground, a large pyramid net for climbing, and pod swings. If bub’s birthday is coming up, why not plan a picnic here? There’s also plenty of street parking on South Terrace on the weekend.

4. Orphanage Park – Mitchell Street, Millswood

A popular, leafy playground just off Goodwood Road, Orphanage Park is perfect for children of all ages. Shade won’t be an issue in summer, and those trees also double as ‘play equipment’. Along with the rock wall, swings and climbing features, the little explorers can play on trees and walk over bridges and along creeks in the area close by. Bring meat for the BBQ facilities and settle under a beautiful shady tree for the day. Orphanage Park also doubles as a dog park, so you can also bring your fur-babies along.

5. Tusmore Park – Stirling Street, Tusmore

This picturesque park has plenty of trees and nooks to catch up with friends or throw a kid’s birthday party. The playground isn’t huge, nor is it fenced, but there’s ample space to explore and create your own adventures. So, when the kids are a little older, this one is a winner – or just be ready to watch them the whole time, as I do with Indy. On a hot summer’s day, Indy is a little water baby in the pool.

6. Tunnel Park – South Terrace, Adelaide

This park, as the name suggests, has tunnels for kids to run through and explore. Close to the CBD with an array of swings, slides and climbing structures, this is a great park for children of all ages. It’s gated off, so it’s perfect for the little toddlers in the family. Park on South Terrace and let your kids curiously explore.

Best Playgrounds in Adelaide7. St Kilda Adventure Playground – St Kilda Rd, St Kilda

I have fond memories of playing in this park as a kid. It’s so special to be able to bring Indy here. St Kilda would have to be one of the best adventure playgrounds in Adelaide. For children (and kids at heart), this park has a grand castle tower with super slides, a wooden fort with an old ship overlooking the water and a volcano wave slide starting at the top of the hill… yep, it sounds fun even now, doesn’t it? There is plenty of space, so even on a busy weekend, there’s enough room to have a picnic or sit and watch the kids (and Dads) play.

8. Bonython Park – Port Rd, Adelaide

This one needs no introduction. But if you haven’t been to Bonython Park, I’ll remind you of the features. Bonython is the perfect park to catch up with the girls (and kids), with a kiosk close by for coffee and sweet treats. The Flying Fox and spider-web climbing structure is still there, and always a favourite with the kids. But, did you know about the sand and water play area? Think about bringing a change of clothes if your little ones are notorious for making a mess. Oh, and check out the pond to watch the model boats and ducks go by.

9. Glenelg Foreshore Playground – Glenelg

Ocean views, a modern playground and fish and chips. What more can you ask for? You’ll find this all at the Glenelg Foreshore Playground. And ladies, you can do some shopping while you’re down there, too – or at least window shop.

The playground has a great sandpit area, mini-trampolines, and climbing areas. There are a lot of holes and tunnels in the playground, so you need to keep watch as the area can get quite busy and it’s not fenced off.  We always like to finish off our trip here with a walk down Jetty Road and an ice-cream for Indy (and Mum).

Just because we’re adults, it doesn’t mean we can’t join in on the fun, too. Your inner child wants to play!

Images by Play and Go

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