We all know that girl who just seems to know everything. She’s the one you go to when you need to pick out a new mascara or perfect party dress. She is always discovering the hottest bars and restaurants, knows what’s going on and always looks polished and chic.

To take the hassle out of scouring the internet for the answers to all of your questions, we’ve created My Friend JaneJane is your go-to girl. She is always here to help answer those lingering questions you have about business, fashion, beauty, food, wine and everything in between.

Jane is a proud South Aussie girl who absolutely loves to shop local and support her home state. Jane takes great pride in every aspect of her life, from her work, to her appearance and the way she presents her home. But above all, she loves to share all of her secrets; her favourite wines for a dinner party, tricks for a flawless makeup look and even her local tailor.

Jane is your girlfriend that will always be there to offer you advice; she’s got your back! If there’s ever anything you need help with or would like Jane to cover, just send us an email or message us on social and we’ll do our best to help out.

My Friend Jane


Unlike your traditional lifestyle website, My Friend Jane shares the opinions and advice of two different women. Every time we trial a product or service or make suggestions, you’ll be getting two unique opinions – so when Jane thinks something is amazing, you better believe it is.

So, who are we? We’re Emily Jane and Caity Jayne. Three marketing girls who just so happen to have the same middle name: Jane (well Caity’s is spelt Jayne, but we won’t hold that against her). We both come from different walks of life, have had different life experiences and are at different stages of our lives. We believe that having these differences allows us to provide our community with quality information and advice to make the best and most informed decisions possible.


While Emily may technically be the oldest ‘Jane’, this girl parties like any other 20-something.   

Growing up in South Australia, this Jane began her career in communications and marketing. No surprises there as Emily loves a great story, and now she gets paid to tell them.  While always having an affinity for our state, Emily was curious about life beyond adorable Adelaide which led to her five-year stint in Brisbane, then two years in London, where she worked as a producer for the BBC and on independent films.  

Like many other South Aussies who leave, they return years later with a newfound love. And while Emily’s curiosity about people and telling their stories through film remains unchanged, it was time for a new chapter. Emily embarked on the most important role of her life; Mother.  Emily reclaimed South Australia as her home with her hubby Matt and gorgeous four-year-old son, Indy. Her family has just purchased their dream house and Emily’s gone into interior design styling mode. It’s a new way to channel her shopping addition, or so she says, but we don’t think that’s going to slow down her online fashion purchases.  

Even with her busy personal life, Emily’s career certainly hasn’t slowed down, now heading up the Australian marketing team for one of the world’s biggest beauty brands. Emily still has her fingers on the camera, as she also runs her own video production company with her husband Matt. 

We know what you’re thinking, how does she do it? The travel, career, family and home life… all while looking so glamorous! Stick around, Emily Jane is going to spill her secrets… with a glass of SA-made Sparkling in hand, naturally.  


Despite technically spelling her Jane with a Y, Caity Jayne doesn’t mind being the odd Jane out. Always hot on the latest beauty or fashion trends, being a former fashion-blogger, this Jane is always ready to try out something new, especially if it involves a cheeky glass of wine. You can always find Caity saving links on social media for the hottest new bar or restaurants and is always up for trying out a cute new café.  

Not only was this Jane born and bred in South Australia, but now has her roots firmly planted here. Buying her first home with partner Cameron in 2016 and adopting their little fur-baby Abby in 2018, she’s now planning her Ayers House wedding for late 2019. Caity loves to spend time with her friends and family, and her favourite place to relax and revive is her parents’ house down on the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

From an early age, it was clear that Caity Jayne just couldn’t sit still (just ask her parents). Since graduating from a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Management) in 2012, she’s moved from working in commercial property development, to pharmacy, to haircare until finally finding her home in the best marketing department going around, the home of My Friend Jane.