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We all know that online shopping is convenient, but nothing quite lives up to the experience of shopping in-store. Step out from behind your laptop screen, grab your girlfriends and head out for a good, old-fashioned shopping spree. And where better to see the best that the Adelaide fashion scene has to offer than Rundle Street East.

Adelaide High-End Fashion Precinct; Rundle Street East

Join the Jane girls as we discover the Autumn / Winter collections at Adelaide high-end fashion precinct; Rundle Street East.

Why We Love Shopping In-Store

Have you ever purchased something that looked amazing online, only for it to rock up and look nothing like you expected? This is particularly true with clothing, where the models have figures nothing like you might (I speak for myself here). Picking an item to purchase off of a computer screen is hard, so let’s get back to shopping in-store. Not only will you know instantly if something suits and fits you properly, but you get expert advice at the same time.

Yes, sometimes (especially certain department stores) the shop assistants give you nothing. But, our trip to Rundle Street East’s boutiques proved to be the complete opposite. For example, the gorgeous girls at Leonard St. were only too happy to walk us through the latest collection and pick out pieces for us to try. The beauty of shopping in-store is, shop assistants might suggest you try something you would have never picked out online, and then BAM! It looks gorgeous!

Another important aspect for the fussy Jane girls is being able to feel the fabric and craftsmanship of the products. When you can saunter through a store you can touch and feel all of the fabrics. This makes the world of difference when you’re parting with your hard-earned cash.

Adelaide Fashion

Autumn Winter Trends

If you’re like me, when the weather drops to below 20 degrees, you accidentally slip into all-black outfits. To avoid looking like you’re working backstage at the theatre, try adding some textures to your dark palette. For Autumn / Winter, Morrison is serving up a gorgeous neutral palette with interesting textures and flourishes.

If you’re more like Emily Jane and never met a colour you didn’t love, Leonard St. on Ebenezer Place is your Mecca. This season Leonard St. is serving up their signature kitschy-animal-themed prints with amazing vegan leather and faux fur accents. We die! They’re also heavily leaning into some gorgeous jewel tones with electric pops of colour. They even managed to get me into some colour… ME!

Looking to update your accessories? Look no further than Bauhaus. They seriously have all of your jewellery needs covered from statement pieces to every day, fine pieces. Bauhaus is also your go-to spot for gorgeous homewares and unforgettable gifts.

Adelaide Fashion

Another reason we love shopping offline? Pit stopping for a gorgeous lunch at Felici and ending our day, celebrating our purchases with a bottle of bubbles at East End Cellars. You can’t do that sitting behind your computer can you?

Do you have a favourite Adelaide fashion boutique you think we should be checking out? Let us know in the comments below or share with The Jane Community over on the Ask My Friend Jane Facebook Group.

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