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Business Women of South Australia

Janes, it’s time for us to stand up and embrace our greatness. We wear so many different hats throughout our lives… Mother, wife, best friend, sister, boss and so many more. We’re often bad at giving ourselves the credit and recognition we deserve. There are so many female entrepreneurs doing amazing things in this world – stories that will inspire and ignite that spark within you. Every month, we’re going to be shining the spotlight on an amazing South Australian businesswoman.

Jane’s goal for this series is to show everyone out there that you don’t need to move interstate or overseas to crush it, South Australians are at the top of their game. Our first guest is an incredibly talented Adelaide Photographer and close friend and supporter of My Friend Jane – Alice Healy.

Adelaide PhotographerMeet Alice Healy, Renowned Adelaide Fashion & Portrait Photographer

Alice Healy is a freelance Photographer, based in Adelaide. She loves taking photos (of course) but away from the camera she loves to spend her time with friends and family – most often at the beach like a good South Aussie girl. Working freelance in any industry, but especially photography, means that each day presents a new opportunity and challenge, and no day is exactly the same. Regardless, Alice shares with us what a “typical” working day looks like for her – then we dive deeper into this crazy-talented South Australian businesswoman.

A Snapshot into the Life of  Darling Adelaide Fashion & Portrait Photographer

Let’s take Monday as an example. I’m up at 5.40am to get to the gym. I return home at around 7.15am to cook eggs and make myself a coffee. I’ll then check my emails while I eat, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything over the weekend.

By 8.30am, it’s lights, camera, action. I’m ready to head into the city for a corporate portrait. I bring my portable studio lights, set up their boardroom, and make sure it’s ready for when the client arrives.

At 10.00am, we’re done and I grab my second coffee as I make my way to my office to go through the images. Next, I have a fashion shoot at 11.00am to set up for. By midday, the client, makeup artist and model have arrived, then it’s straight into our shoot.

1.30pm is usually lunchtime, so our crew takes a quick break. After a makeup touchup, we continue until 5.30pm, then I head home.

How do you wind down?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I swim at Unley pool with a swimming club, Atlantis Masters. Otherwise, catching up with the girls to debrief about life always does the trick for me.

Do you work at home? Or, is home a no-work zone?

Yes, sometimes. I have a spare room which doubles as an office. It’s separate from the rest of the house, so I can shut the door when I’m finished to mark my ‘clock off’. This is useful for those late-night edits or tight deadlines.

How do you achieve work-life balance?

It’s tricky, as I’m sure all freelancers can attest to. The work isn’t consistent. Some weeks are hectic, followed by more quiet stints. It’s never going to be a complete balance. For me, the key is giving myself permission to say no – whether with work or social engagements. On busy weeks, I just can’t do everything. I know if I try, the quality of my work or the time I spend with loved ones will be compromised, and that just is not an option.

Adelaide PhotographerBehind the Camera Lens

How did you get into photography?

Growing up, photography was always a fascination of mine. My first job was at Rabbit Photo when film processing and printing was in its hey-day. I loved it so much that I enrolled in an Advanced Diploma in Commercial Photography. Later I moved to Sydney to work in fashion, where I finessed my skills. But it wasn’t until I moved back to Adelaide though where I found my own style, with portrait and fashion photography.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

The diversity of shoots I get to be involved in. I enjoy working with all types of people and capturing their stories.

What do you think the biggest misconception about your industry is?

Just how much work goes on behind the scenes. I probably only spend about 40% of my time working behind the camera.

What was your biggest challenge when starting your business?

One of the hardest things I found when starting out as a freelancer was the balance of building up a regular client base while keeping a regular income. I worked part-time at a camera shop in the beginning and luckily it was just a natural progression to leave the shop and go full-time freelancing as I got busier.

Do you have any advice for a budding Adelaide Photographer?

Keep shooting for yourself. Briefs are important, but so is capturing your own images. This way, you can find your style, without limitations.

What have you achieved as a Photographer that you’re most proud of?

I held a solo exhibition at The Hilton Adelaide with photos that I captured in Havana, Cuba of beautifully aged doors with their decaying paint and characters. I am proud of this exhibition, both the images I captured and being able to showcase my work at such a great venue.

I also feel really proud of my Happy Faces Portrait Series that was exhibited in 2016 as part of the Shimmer Photographic Biennale. I photographed 175 people with genuine big smiles, laughs and happy faces, it was such a fun personal project. It is so lovely that 3 years on from this series, people still make comments to me about how much they loved it.

Adelaide Photographer

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Your only competition is yourself…” It’s so easy to compare what you’re doing with others, especially as a creative. However, it’s extremely important to stay focused on your own journey.

So, what’s next for Alice Healy, Adelaide Photographer?

I am currently in the planning stages of my next exhibition and it will be exhibited towards the end of the year. Watch this space.

And watch this space we will! Feeling inspired? We thought so. Stay tuned as each month we catch up with another successful businesswoman kicking goals in South Australia.

Do you know an amazing SA woman we should feature? Let us know in the comments below or share with The Jane Community on our Facebook Group Ask My Friend Jane.

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