Like It or Not, Animal Prints Are Here to Stay!

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Remember that time you flirted with leopard print before your BFF saved you? “Girl, no.” Girlfriends are great for that. Honest, girl-to-girl feedback. Thank God, we never listened to our boyfriends, right? While your fashion sense has matured, that 16-year-old inside of you wants to rock it still… and now, you can, without fearing your bestie’s disapproval. You might want to sit down for this… animal prints are here to stay!

Now, before your mind goes to the cheap 90’s patterns, brush up on your animal print ‘etiquette.’

Go wild, with snakeskin, leopard & zebra animal prints…

Feline prints…

Never part ways with your old prints, knowing they would resurge? Leopard, snakeskin and zebra prints are fun, playful and as cheeky as style gets. While you can expect the bold patterns and colours you know and love, there are some slight changes… like thick, solid black dots and ‘rosette’ spots with thick-edged circles.

Grab your fave pair of black ballet flats and pair denim jeans with a leopard, snakeskin or zebra print. Finish the look with a black handbag and a “yes, I’m rocking this” attitude.

Love faux fur? This style is totally in right now.

Snakeskin print…

Rattle your wardrobe with snakeskin pieces. Ease your way into the look with snakeskin boots or a handbag. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re already seeing this print everywhere, so start the trend in your circle.

I love snakeskin because it’s not too loud. You’ll find lots of neutrals, from light grey to brown, and black. Dying to heat things up, mid-winter? Dust off your little black dress (yes, you CAN fit into it) and pair it with a snakeskin-printed bag. Make the look pop with a red lippie and boots, and nothing can stop you. Worried about the cold? Pull on some black leggings or even better, snakeskin-print.

Invest in core pieces.

You can’t go past those staples and the same is true for animal prints. Think about one print bottom piece, a top, a layering option, and accessory. For example, pants, a blouse, a jacket, and handbag. This way, you can create new looks around each item.


And, how much is too much animal print? Well, my fabulous Jane, that’s up to you to decide. Don’t let anyone tell you the rules of fashion. There are none.

Got a favourite animal print that you can’t get enough of? Let us know in the comments below or share with The Jane Community on our Facebook Group Ask My Friend Jane.

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