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In the age of fitness influencers, celebrity personal trainers and all-round #fitspo, two women stand strong in the body-positive activewear scene.  Sisters Steph and Jade created U Nexus Movement to carve a new path in activewear for women of all shapes, sizes and confidence levels. We had a chat with these lovely ladies to learn more about their crazy journey to owning their own business.

Introducing Adelaide-based, body-positive Activewear brand; U Nexus Movement

What was the spark that lead you to create U Nexus Movement?

We didn’t want to just create your average activewear brand, but a brand that was fun and celebrated women of all shapes and sizes. The idea came from when we were scrolling through social media and so sick of seeing the same “fit” models wearing activewear. We are both fit and healthy but don’t have visible six-packs or biceps, so we wanted to embrace a concept that celebrated all women. We also found that activewear was not too comfortable for all-day wear and not just at the gym, so we wanted to make them more comfortable so able to wear at the gym, out for lunch or just relaxing on the couch.

Who is the U Nexus Movement girl?

She is confident, fun and not afraid to be herself.

What sets your brand apart from other activewear brands?

U Nexus Movement is body positive activewear for the everyday woman. We have designed and tested the activewear ourselves to make sure they are suitable for working out in (squat proof), comfy enough for sipping coffee at a cafe or drinking wine on the couch. Made for all body types, including pregnancy-friendly.

How long did it take for you to get your idea off the ground?

It took about 2 years from idea to execution and we have been live for just over a year now. It took a lot of research, creating and designing to get this all started and a big dose of self-belief.

What study have you done and has this helped you in starting your business? Or did you learn on the fly?

Steph has a Marketing Diploma and Jade has a Certificate in Personal Training and is currently doing Health and Nutrition Coaching. We both have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and mindset as well as empowering women to love the skin they are in. So yes, most days are definitely learning on the fly and we have learnt so much by doing it this way too.

Financials, marketing, branding, social media, designing, manufacturing definitely aspects we’ve had to learn, and the list goes on. I swear we learn something new every day. It surprised us just how easy it is to start your own business but in saying that there are definitely elements that are hard.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced starting your own business?

Getting our finances under control and start-up costs. Also, our mindset and being able to overcome the negative thoughts. We have good and bad days, it’s not an easy job starting up a business, but we take it day by day and this is where we bounce off of each other with support and motivation. This journey has definitely taught us a lot and we have done a lot of personal growth and we continue to learn every day.

Are you an early-birds or night owls?

We are both early birds! Our creative and positive minds both work best in the mornings.

body positive activewearWhat’s it like working with your sister?

It’s the best. We work really well together and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We uplift and motivate each other every day and we can’t wait to both sitting side by side in an office together.

What are your goals and visions for U Nexus Movement? What does your end game look like?

We have big goals for U Nexus Movement and really want us to be a movement for all women to embrace their beautiful bodies and have a positive mind. We have some new ranges coming out, including a maturity bra and we have a podcast launching soon (shh this hasn’t been announced yet 😆).

What’s one of the biggest / most common misconceptions about your starting your own business?

It’s not easy and does not happen overnight. It’s definitely a journey of learning and self-development, we work every single day on it, and I mean day, night and weekends in between our lives with our jobs and having a baby. The biggest challenge is keeping up with trends and figuring out funds for all our ideas.

What about your job would surprise people the most?

There are so much behind the sense work and going back and forth with designs and samples. It takes a lot of time and patience. We are very picky and will only realise ranges if we absolutely love it and feel our best in it.

Is U Nexus Movement a fulltime job?

Steph still works full time in another job but Jade works full time (around Mum life) on it.

How do you achieve work-life balance?

Is there such a thing? It’s hard, Jade has set days where she works on the business and Steph works it in between her 9-5. We usually make a list of things we need to achieve by the end of the week and most of the time we achieve them. But we always make sure when it’s my time or family time, work does not get involved unless it really has to.

What’s your favourite way to keep active?

We try to move our bodies every day for our physical and mental health. We both like going to the gym, walks, jogging, Pilates and yoga. We like to listen to our bodies when it comes to exercising. Jade teaches Pilates as well, so we do love doing Pilates together.

What advice can you give to someone wanting to start their own business?

Just don’t give up. Keep going. Do what feels right, follow your passion and don’t listen to the people that don’t want to see you succeed.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t give up. Take time off when you need to but keep your vision strong, know why you started (write it down) and work towards that. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best thing you’ll ever do.

Thank you so much to Steph and Jade for sharing their time and journey with us. If you wanted to hear from more amazing businesswomen of South Australia, jump over here.

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