Decorating Your Home, When You’ve Spent Too Much on Shoes

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Some stereotypes are true; like women and their wardrobes. But there’s something else that we love to dress up… our homes.

So, you do what every interior design-loving Jane would do: peruse Pinterest for decorating inspiration. Only to find many of those décors we love are well out of your budget. Don’t worry, though. With a dash of creativity and reigniting your love for Kmart, you can glam up your living spaces without upsetting the household budget.

Be aware of the ‘shiny object’ syndrome. You’ll want everything you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Instead, I divert that energy into scouring every homeware and furniture store in Adelaide. Sign up for every email newsletter you can find. Once you find decent sale (beyond 50%), grab hubby and hit the shops.

The key to Instagram-perfect décor is making the most of what you already have – adding sale splurges like wall art and character pieces.

4 ways to decorate on a budget… no filter needed.

This is a chance to get creative. Don’t assume you need to be decorating your space with all new items, especially if your style favours vintage, cultural classics.

  1. Don’t buy, repurpose

Use what you already have. You probably have more than enough to work with. Sport some cute overalls and step into DIY mode. Can you upholster your old couch? Move that unused coffee table into your study to store books? What about repainting your dining set? Seriously look at everything you own before you buy anything new.

  1. Make a needs list

What do you actually need? Nope, it’s not what you want. Start by collecting the essential items first, before you get distracted with all the pretty things.

  1. Decorate your walls

When decorating, fill in white space with hanging art. Consider picking a wall in your favourite room, the one you spend the most time in, as your ‘art’ wall. It’ll give that gallery feel, rather than spreading them throughout the room. If you love creating, design your own works of art. Simple polaroid canvases add a personal touch to your ‘gallery.’

  1. Accessorise

I know you’ve got this one covered, Janes. Just like jewellery, bags and shoes unify an outfit, the same goes for little decorative pieces around the home. For example, cute hangers for pots and pans, a serving tray for your coffee (or booze) bar, jewellery storage, candles, plants and lamps.

  1. Embrace your green thumb

Indoor plants not only improve the air quality in your house, but they also brighten up your home. Grab yourself an easy-to-care-for plant, like Devil’s Ivy, pop it in a funky Kmart pot and stand and voila!

Just like your perfectly-fitted jeans or that sexy little black dress, it’s okay to splurge on your home, every so often. But just know, you don’t have to spend much to stylishly dress your home. You just need a good eye, and I know you have one.

Do you have any great styling tips? Let us know in the comments below or share with The Jane Community on our Facebook Group Ask My Friend Jane.

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