Sweet and fiery, sugar meets spice. This Jane is an easy-going summer breeze. That is, until she’s required to negotiate a contract or direct an event; then the affectionately labelled ‘bossy-pants’ comes out to play. 

Suzy Jane has a creative industry’s background, initially starting her career in photography and graphic design. However, this was not where she was to stay. After a few years living abroad in the UK, Canada, and briefly NYC, Suzy returned to Heaps Good SA to enrol at university once again, and start a career in marketing. Actually, political communications and economics, but it came out in the wash as marketing focused – this Jane may not have realised it then, but she was built for the fast-paced start-up life not public office. 

After spending two years heading up a marketing and events team in Shanghai, Suzy once again returned to the Festival State to start an MBA and work in a marketing team with …you guessed it, two inspiring girls named Jane and Jayne – kismet! Stick three Janes in a marketing centre with a bottle of bubbles and whiteboard …boom! Jane was born.   



Coincidently a Jane, Melissa Jane that is, but that’s not just why we love her. Mel has known our Caity Jayne since they were teenagers, reconnecting at Adelaide Fashion Festival years after they both graduated school and now they are rarely seen apart.

By day, Mel works in a busy media and advertising agency for some of South Australia’s biggest brands. By night, and any other spare time she might have, is an award-winning fashion and beauty blogger with her website Wilddarts.

She’s a regular at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia and has grand plans to take on the international circuit with the re-birth of the Wilddarts brand as a bi-annual independent fashion and beauty publication.

Currently living sky high in her apartment in Prospect, Mel will soon call Mount Barker home once her and her partner, Brett build their dream home on their 1,000sqm block.