Beginners Guide to Getting a Facial Peel

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When the skin experts at Facialista’s suggested an acid facial peel as part of my pre-wedding skin workout, my head went straight to that scene from Sex and the City. You know the one. When Samantha gets a chemical peel to look amazing for Carrie’s book party but ends up with layers of skin burned off her face? Yeah, that one. But, after some encouragement from my beauty babes at Facialista’s and the gorgeous State Manager of Ultraceuticals, Lauren, I accepted my fate and hopped on the bed for my very first facial peel.

What is a facial peel?

My first introduction to an acid facial peel was an Ultraceuticals Mandelic Acid Peel. Sounds serious, doesn’t it!? So, let’s break down what it actually is. Mandelic Acid is 40% Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is an extremely effective chemical exfoliant. Instead of abrasively scrubbing your skin with a physical exfoliant, a chemical exfoliant unclogs your pores and unglues the bonds that hold dull, dead skin on the surface of your face. Not only that, but the Mandelic Acid also reduces the appearance of blemishes and includes special ingredients that boost the radiance of your skin – YES PLEASE!

In a pinch, a facial peel is like a super-charged facial will expert ingredients to go deeper into your skin than just a simple face mask. The “peel” part is just an amazing, deep exfoliation, nothing near as scary as you might think.

What happens when you get a facial peel?

No, it doesn’t burn, it just feels a little bit prickly, especially around the parts of your face that have a bit of extra congestion – for me, that was around my nose. After the treatment I realised why it had been tingling around my nose so much, the acid literally dissolved my gross little flaky bits of skin on the side of my nose. And let me tell you, my skin has never felt softer!

We finished off my facial peel treatment with an Omnilux session to start the healing process and the frosting (little burnt, old bits of skin) went away immediately. Post-treatment the side of my nose felt like a dream (normally it would feel dry, bumpy and congested).

facial peel

What to expect the 3 days post-facial peel treatment

To make sure I remembered exactly how it all went down, I wrote down some little dot points on the 3 days following my facial peel.

Day 1 post-peel: my skin looks and feels so glowy – I’ve been getting compliments left, right and centre! I literally cannot stop touching my face.

Day 2 post-peel: those little bits of my skin that dry and congested on my face have turned a bit crispy today. So, I have a bit of flaky around my nose and on my upper right cheek where I had some breakouts at the time of the peel. The overall texture of my skin still feels amazing and has the glow to it.

Day 3 post-peel: Those little flaky bits are starting to go away really quickly – back to amazing, glowing skin – yay!

Why should you try a facial peel?

You can see from the above why I think everyone should try a facial peel. But, for another point of view, I went to State Manager of Ultraceuticals; Lauren. “Peels are fantastic for those clients who have healthy skin but are wanting to take their skin goals to the “next level” by having a more active and deeper penetrating facial treatment. Peels are great for those wanting to achieve real, visible results for their skin to correct concerns and damage such as ageing, acne, uneven skin tone, pigment etc.” Of course, we always recommend seeking advice before you ask for a facial peel. My advice? Get your gorgeous derrières to Facialista’s ASAP!

For my pre-wedding skin workout kickstart, I alternated between having a singular Omnilux session one week, to having an Omni-Peel session the next. With my peels, I alternated between the Mandelic Acid Peel and an A-Zyme Peel. Other types of peels, like the A-Zyme peel and Lactic Acid peel present in different ways, which means you could expect a bit more or less skin flaking depending on the treatment.

Seriously, my skin has never looked better – and I’ve even got my Mum on board with regular treatments at Facialista’s and she’s thrilled with the results! What are you waiting for?

Have you tried a facial peel before? Let us know all about your experience in the comments below or over on the Ask My Friend Jane Facebook Group!

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