Fuss-Free Beauty Look for When You Don’t Have the Time or Energy

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If you see me in the office on any given day, you can often see me sporting a look I like to call “Post-Gym Chic”. Which really just means I’m trying to distract the world from the fact that my hair is slick with gym sweat with a simple hairstyle and some strategic accessories.

We’re all busy, now more than ever. And sometimes your hair washing schedule just doesn’t match your life schedule, especially when you’re trying to keep a consistent exercise schedule. I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it! Lucky for you, I have your secret weapon, a chic, simple hairstyle for when you don’t have the time or energy.

Your New Favourite Simple Hairstyle

Maybe you don’t have time to curl your hair, or maybe you couldn’t be bothered washing your hair (we’ve all been there). For mornings like these, I have devised the perfect chic, two-step beauty look that works best with a bit of 3-day hair or gym-sweat. This simple hairstyle is perfect for mums and people who just can’t be ‘effed some mornings.

Fuss-Free Beauty Look

Step 1: The Hair

Part your hair where you like it. A crisp middle part or a deep side part will look best. Gather your hair at the nape of the neck and twist your hair into a bun. I like to just use a hair tie, but you can always pin your bun down with bobby pins if you want something a little neater.

Comb the top of your hair back with a wide tooth comb to flatten it but also to give it a bit of texture. Then spray down any flyaways with some hairspray.

If you’re feeling a little too slick with your hair pulled back, add in a few sprays of dry shampoo before you put it up for a more matte look, if that’s the vibe you want. Then, gently pull up some hair from your roots so it sits off your head a little. Just remember to keep the hair behind your ear neat.

Fuss-Free Beauty Look

Step 2: The Distraction

The best way to make it look as though your hair was intentionally simple, is by adding some bold, eye-catching accessories.

Lipstick – If you’re like me and don’t often wear lipstick to work, adding a bold lip is the perfect way to make your simple hairstyle look put-together.

Jewellery – Whenever I wear my hair up, I love to add statement earrings.

Scarf – Wrap a brightly coloured silk scarf around your bun. This is also a really cool look to put in your beauty arsenal for when you’re sporting a top knot and need to add a little extra something.

Not only do I love to use this simple hairstyle with bold accessories for the office, but it’s also perfect for when you want to head out looking glamorous but are running a little short on time. No longer will you have to sacrifice looking chic for a few extra minutes in the morning – embrace this simple hairstyle my loves.

Do you have any beauty tips or tricks to help you save time on busy days? Let us know in the comments below or share with The Jane Community over on the Ask My Friend Jane Facebook Group.

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