How to Curl Your Hair with Velcro Rollers (Without Looking ‘Nanna’)

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I know what you’re thinking… ‘aren’t tight curls so 60’s?’ Well yes, but all good fashion trends re-emerge. But when I talk about curls now, remove that image of crazy crimped hair (that seems to expand at all angles).

Do you remember The Notebook? Um, how could we forget? Well, you probably loved Allie’s (Rachel McAdams) hair? Well, guess what? That look was created using Velcro rollers. Yep, Velcro rollers, not some fancy heated curler.

Now, you get that romantic hairstyle too. Here’s what you need to use Velcro rollers.

Your Velcro rollers + other supplies

Have this article open while you’re at the shops.

  1. First, you’ll need Velcro rollers. There are different sizes, so have a think about the desired effect. Smaller Velcro rollers will give you small curls, while big curlers will create larger waves.
  2. Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray! So, the magic of the Velcro rollers last throughout the day. Choose a spray that’s designed for heat styling, so it won’t weigh your hair down.
  3. Consider an anti-frizz product and lightweight mousse, too, to perfect the Velcro roller look.

It’s go time. Let’s create the look. 

Now, to prep your hair, make sure it’s washed and towelled dry. Lightly mist your head with hairspray, then use a dryer until it’s 90% dry. Spray again and comb through, before sectioning your hair.

Divide your hair into three large sections. Use clips if you need for this. Comb each section well, making sure your ends are completely smooth. Okay, now for the most important part: the rolling.

  1. Place the roller near your scalp, at the bottom of the section.
    1. Want backward curls? Place the roller behind your section.
    2. Forward curls? Position it in front of your section.
    3. Under? This is where you place the roller then.
    4. And up (to flip out)? Sit the roller above your section.
  2. Use the roller to smoothen your hair as it travels through the mid-shaft to the ends
  3. When you get to the ends, check that they’re smooth and in contact with the roller
  4. Gently roll your hair onto the roller back to your scalp
  5. Check the rollers self-secure. You don’t need pins or clips.

Then, you wait. Keep them in for at least an hour or if you don’t have time, use a hairdryer again to speed up the drying process. Set to a low airspeed, make sure the air flows over your rollers in the same direction that your hair is rolled to prevent fly-aways and frizz. Allow the rollers to cool completely before you take them out.

To remove the rollers, pull them gently to the side, allowing the Velcro fibres to double as a ‘brush.’

Is your hair still damp? Just roll it back up and wait a little longer. To avoid that annoying tangle, take your time pulling them out. Then, have fun styling them to your liking.

And while your man might still think you are crazy if he walks in on you with Velcro rollers on, wait until he sees how sexy you look. Those natural, sweeping curls will sculpt your face just right. The soft curls that Velcro rollers create are great for baby-fine hair to avoid heat damage from a curling wand.

Rock the 60’s housewife look with Velcro rollers.

What’s your hair curling secrets? Let us know in the comments or share with The Jane Community on our Facebook Group Ask My Friend Jane.


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