How to Fearlessly Flaunt Your Best Features

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We ladies can learn a lot from kids (and our inner child). Four-year-olds don’t complain about things like their bat wing-like underarms or thunder thighs. They fearlessly rock outfits and compliment their girlfriends in the playground.

Dressing for your body

Somewhere along the way, probably around the time we started to develop our first school-yard crush, we become conscious of our appearance… and we start taking that inner dialogue as religion. And it just seems to get ‘chattier’ the older we get.

Well, my Janes, it’s time to take a stand against that nagging ‘no, you can’t pull that off’ voice inside our heads. Fashion is expressive, personal and, little did we know at that age, defiant.

So, let me ask you a question. What are your favourite features?

Don’t cringe. Don’t let that voice win. Explore it, unapologetically. It’s healthy to love parts of your body. Go on, look in the mirror. Is it your long legs? The freckles on your face in summer? The way your butt looks in jeans?

Make a mental list of your favourite features… and learn about the cuts that flatter these features (and the ones to avoid)…

There are great tools to help you dress for your body type. For example, for the hourglass shape, it’s all about celebrating the waist. So, short tops and long skirts or high-waisted jeans will feel natural to you (unlike a pear-shaped body).

Love your arms?

Great. So you should. Find styles that contour them, like a sleeveless top or vest. Your arms will be a defining feature of your look, and so will your shoulders, if you sport a racer-back tank.

And, your legs?

Don’t hide your legs… and no, they don’t have to be long. Strut your stuff in statement skinny jeans or be a little bit more playful, with a pencil skirt. Go for fabric that hugs your body to keep your legs front and centre.

Oh, and your booty!

Whether yours resembles Beyoncé’s or is fabulously flatter, this is a gorgeous part of your body. If you’re anything like me, you’ll grow to the shape as you get older. As for styles that embrace the booty, go for fitted jeans with a bit of give (you’ll thank me at brunch), with small, high-sitting pockets.

We have the Kimmy K’s of the world to thank for a cultural shift, when it comes to shape and size. Like her or not, she’s changed societal assumptions, diffusing stereotypes. And, this is always a good thing.

By embracing your favourite features and letting the world see them, you too, are pushing this positive movement forward. Four-year-old you would be proud.

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