What Is an Infrared Sauna & Why Should I Try It?

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Looking for something to help your sore post-workout muscles? Perhaps your body has been aching a bit more than usual. Or, maybe you’ve just had a big weekend. It’s time for us to start taking better care of our bodies, and what better way to do so than trying an infrared sauna session or two?

Uncovering the Magic of the Infrared Sauna

We all know about the traditional steam sauna – but what in the world is an infrared sauna and how does it work? We were curious too, so we spoke to the experts at Cocoon Spa in Magill to find out more. Oh, and don’t you worry, we also gave it a try for ourselves, all in the name of research we assure you.

How Is an Infrared Sauna Different from a Traditional Steam Sauna?

The infrared sauna is designed to treat your body at a lower heat than a traditional sauna. This makes it more comfortable for the client while still getting amazing results! The infrared technology heats your body from the inside-out using specific wavelengths to raise and drop your body’s temperature which results in amazing detoxification benefits. You’ll notice the infrared sauna also has a ‘dry’ heat as opposed to a traditional ‘steam’ sauna with high moisture content. This is just another way that the infrared sauna is a far more comfortable and relaxing experience.

Infrared Sauna

What Are the Health Benefits?

Regular use of the infrared sauna can assist with relaxation, detoxification, weight loss, pain relief and even has anti-ageing benefits! Not to mention how revitalised you feel once you step out. It’s also a popular option for those who are feeling a little under the weather as it can assist with removing any unwanted toxins.

How Often Should You Use an Infrared Sauna to Get Results?

We recommend consistent sessions once a week. If possible 2 to 3 times a week is even better.

What Do Your Different Sauna Packages Mean? How Do They Differ?

The state-of-the-art sauna is already set up with specific programs to best support your needs. Select the program that best suits the concerns you would like to address, and the infrared technology takes care of the rest. The programs are each set to an optimal time limit for that specific result and the sauna will distribute near, far and mid-infrared wavelengths designed to raise and drop the bodies temperature throughout the session accordingly.

Are There Any Risks with Using an Infrared Sauna?

We always recommend that clients come to their appointment as hydrated as possible – we wouldn’t want you to feel faint during your session. If you are pregnant or suffering from a health condition, we recommend seeking advice from your GP before booking in.

Emily Jane and I both went in for a session and have to say we were pleasantly surprised. The whole experience is designed to relax you. Firstly, we got changed into our white, fluffy robes and sat in the gorgeous lounge with some herbal tea. Then it was time for our session. We were walked to a room with some big wooden chairs and an infrared sauna.

Sitting in the sauna we picked our preferred treatment and sat back to watch the Beyoncé Netflix documentary. Yep, that’s right, they have a built-in iPad for you to really sit back, relax and pamper yourself. Will we be back for another few sessions? You bet we will!

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