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Microdermabrasion. Omnilux LED Light Therapy. Facial Peels. We’ve covered a few different beauty treatments here at My Friend Jane, and now it’s time to take things to the next level. In the pursuit of perfect skin for my wedding day, the team of experts at Facialistas decided to add another treatment to my routine; micro-needling with Nanopore.

What is Nanopore micro-needling?

First off, I want you to quickly dispel any visions of a terrifying Kardashianesque blood facial. Micro-needling works by creating thousands of micro-channels in the skin, helping specialised skincare penetrate the skin on a deeper level and stimulate a wound healing response that helps to produce goodies such as collagen.

The skin is a protective barrier that keeps us from external agents that could damage our vital organs. For this reason, the application of active ingredients through the skin has been a challenge for a long time. Micro-needling easily and safely removes dead skin cells and conditions the skin, helping to prepare it for the application of skincare. By carefully removing the upper layers of dead skin cells the Nanopore pen helps active ingredients reach the deepest layers of the skin in a quick and effective way.

Opening these channels in the skin, micro-needling with Nanopore technology works to:

  • Reduce the skin’s imperfections – promoting the production of collagen and elastin through the natural auto-repair mechanisms of the skin. These are responsible for a younger, more beautiful, healthier skin.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the active ingredients – transporting active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin, thus enhancing the treatment’s effectiveness.
  • Increasing communication between skin cells – sends out signals that increase the communication between the cells responsible for maintaining the barrier function, pigmentation, collagen and elastin in our skin.

micro needling process

What’s the process?

If you’re looking for a relaxing, Enya playing in the background as you drift off, kind of treatment, this one might not be for you. Micro-needling treatments are a fair bit more clinical than your average beauty treatment.

Step 1: Cleanse

First, they’ll get your skin nice and clean with a relaxing deep cleanse… mmm yes!

 Step 2: Disinfect

Yep, I told you it wasn’t like your typical beauty treatment. Micro-needling opens up your skin, so disinfecting not only your face but making sure all the equipment is sterile, is a no-brainer.

Step 3: Micro-needling

This section only goes for about 15 minutes. Before the pen goes on your face, you get a lovely application of a personally prescribed serum to help you reach your skin goals. When the Nanopore pen touched my face for the first time, I did flinch. Not because it was particularly painful, it was just a new sensation. Once then pen was on my face it mostly just felt rough with a bit of stinging. Some sections of my face were slightly more sensitive than others, like under the eyes. But throughout my life I’ve had my bikini line waxed, my legs epilated, and my upper lip hit with the electrolysis. This was nothing in comparison.


You’ll feel kind of sunburnt – that is the best way I can describe it. Your face is patchy, flushed and will feel warm. As much as you’ll feel like touching it – don’t! You’ll need to try and keep your face as germ-free as possible for the next 2 hours. That means no makeup, no exercising and no face licks from your dog (damn). Take this opportunity to take the night off and have some “me time” in your trackies, watching Netflix.

Micro Needling After

What results can I expect?

Results include increased hydration, even skin tone, reduced pore size and “plumped up” skin, but because everyone is different, the effect of the treatment differs between each and every person. The results seen are dependent on a number of factors, both genetic and environmental. For me personally, I found that the texture of my skin changed completely after two sessions. My skin was smooth as a baby’s bottom and the Nanopore had worked to break up some of my acne scarring which saw it significantly fade.

How much will it cost me?

Head over to the Facialista’s website to find out! Cheeky of me I know 😉

Fine print: There may be risks and complications associated with Nanopore treatments. Before the treatment, it is advisable to speak with your provider about your personal and family medical history.

Are there any other beauty treatments you’re curious about? Let us know in the comments below and give me the excuse to go out and try something new (always up for a challenge!) or chat about beauty treatments with the MFJ Community over on the Ask My Friend Jane Facebook group.

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