How SPF Became This Season’s Hottest Beauty Trend

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Even though we’re still stuck in cold weather, there’s one beauty ingredient that is at the front of every beauty-lovers mind; SPF. That’s right, sunscreen is the hottest beauty trend of 2019.

Growing up in Australia, we’re taught from a young age to slip, slop, slap. But something happens when we reach our teenage years, sunbaking becomes cool and having a beachy tan is something to aspire to. When you’re in high school all of the “cool girls” are showing off their tan (or burn) lines from the weekend. And lunchtimes are spent thrusting our legs out into the sun trying to get some colour. It’s somewhere in our early 20s that we’re jolted awake and realise that SPF is our best friend.

SPF’s Rise in Popularity

The Beauty Influencers

Maybe it’s because we’re living in a time where our faces have never been more on show with the rise of social media and selfies. But over the last 12 months, I’ve seen a huge rise in instances where influential women in the beauty industry are showing off their daily SPF products. Our favourite beauty blogger heavyweights, like Eleanor Pendleton from Gritty Pretty, are always showcasing SPF products in their skincare routine. Soon enough all of the beauty influencers and beauty flatlay lovers started adding their favourite sunscreens to their posts. Now, this is a viral beauty trend I think everyone should be taking up (and sticking to)!

Call Time on Melanoma

What happens when a compelling story on skin cancer combines with a media powerhouse? A movement. Introducing Call Time on Melanoma, a not-for-profit initiative that encourages women to wear their SPF and get regular skin checks. Their tag line is “Serving sun safety as self-care”. Over the past few months, CTOM has been grabbing our attention with gorgeous campaigns, quick (and blunt) facts about skin cancer and giving women a platform to share their own skin cancer stories. If you’ve lost a bit of faith in social media recently, CTOM will restore it. If you only follow one account, please make it this one.

Sunscreens Are Getting Better

Thankfully these days beauty brands are making SPF easy for us to love. Gone are the days of slathering greasy sunscreen under your face and watching your makeup melt off during the day. The resurgence of SPF means that facial sunscreens, in particular, have been reinvented for the modern age. To make it easy for you to be as sun-safe as possible, here are a few of my absolute favourites! And before you ask, yes, I have tried them all.

1. Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen $45

I’ve spoken about this little baby before, but she is a beauty! Not only does she protect your skin from UVA and UVB, but she also acts as a primer and protects against blue light damage. I’ve been using this one under my weekday makeup for weeks and I’m absolutely smitten! On the weekend you’ll see me sporting Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum – the whole range is divine.


2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid Sunscreen SPF 50+ $29.95

Cheap, lightweight and packs a punch! This little sunscreen is a handbag must-have. It’s so lightweight and has the softest serum-like texture, you won’t even realise you have it on! Mix it in with your daily moisturiser and it makes the perfect base to start your day. The best thing about La Roche-Posay is that is this range of sunscreens is specifically designed for sensitive skin prone to sun intolerance.


3. Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50+ $79

Throw out your regular daily moisturiser and replace it with this. It’s lightweight, super hydrating and smells delicious. It’s the perfect daily moisturiser, you’ll never go back. When used daily as directed this moisturiser works to help prevent the signs of premature ageing, including the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture and loss of firmness, leaving the skin looking more youthful and radiant. Talk about a double whammy!

It’s time for us to all get real about sun protection. Australia has one of the highest UV rates in the world and skin cancers are more prevalent thank you think. Fake it, don’t bake it. There are no excuses anymore. Sunscreens are better now and so are fake tans (or you could just embrace your natural skin colour, you know). Do yourself a favour, wear your SPF, even on overcast or cold days.

Do you have a favourite SPF you’re using right now? Let us know in the comments below or share with The Jane Community over on the Ask My Friend Jane Facebook Group.

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