Style Secrets for Busy, Multitasking Career Mums

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Janes, we all have that girlfriend who always looks stylish and put-together.  You know the type. She’s probably the one who first made activewear, brunch-acceptable. If only the same could be said for work attire. Between our careers, family, friends, hobbies, downtime and adventures, it’s no wonder time is flying. But, no matter how many reusable coffee cups we’re juggling, looking stylish is essential for a Jane.

Style Secrets

You don’t need to be draped in designer labels from head to toe to be called stylish. As a Jane, you make (and break) the rules. And, you don’t need an extra two hours in your day to do it… Here are some style secrets to show you how.

Plan it out

You can totally rock the “I just pulled this together” look, with a dash of planning. Take a look at the weather for the week, know where you have to be, and the type of activities you’ll be doing. Do you have a parent-teacher interview after work? A morning yoga class before heading to the office? A quick BFF walk and coffee, Sunday morning? Be prepared.

Before you head to bed, hang up the outfits you plan to wear the next day. This is the always-stylish remedy for late nights, sleep-ins, and difficult mornings.

Style icons?

Who do you lean towards when it comes to style? Sienna Miller’s boho vibes? Classic Audrey Hepburn? or Gigi Hadid’s “I set the trends” vibe? Explore what you like and draw inspiration from them. The easiest way to do this is to start pinteresting. Collate all of the outfits you love from your muse, then dissect them. Which outfit can you recreate with your current wardrobe?

Streamline your wardrobe

Got a mountain of clothes clogging up your wardrobe? Yeah, don’t we all. But when was the last time you wore that old black blazer? You’ve already got a newer one you love much more, why keep them all? Go through the wardrobe and only keep the clothes you actually love. This is going to make choosing an outfit so much easier. And, it also ensures that what you chose in the morning is something you truly love and feel confident in.

Identify your comfort zone… then, step out of it.

Try something new. Forget what the magazines tell you about the colours you can and can’t wear… or the outfits for your body type (barf). Life is too short to always play it safe. Have a little fun, experiment, and listen to your intuition. If you’re drawn to a piece, chances are, you’re going to make it look fab.

One big style secret of the “always looking chic” girl is that she is a master of mixing and matching. If you want to start rocking a new trend but are a bit hesitant, start small and mix it in with your current wardrobe.

Always accessorise

This is my number one style secret. Don’t leave the house without one accessory. Necklaces, statement bags, earrings, rings, sunnies… trust me with this. When you’re lacking in time, inspiration or f*#ks in the morning, grab a trusted outfit from your capsule wardrobe and add a bold accessory. Switching up your accessories or adding a bold makeup look can give your outfit new life (and it’s oh so easy).

When in doubt, overdress

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re too casual. You know, the point where you feel like you missed the ‘smart dress’ memo. If you’re unsure, go dressier. You can always take it down a notch, switching to flats or pulling off the necklace. You know how they say; dress every day like you’re going to run into your worst enemy? Well, I like to say; dress every day like you’re going to run into the editor of Vogue.

Conversational starters

I have a beautiful red winter dress. I love to wear it on the miserable, cloudy days. People don’t expect colour… succumbing to the reclusive, ‘don’t look at me, it’s winter’ look. But I always get comments. The dress is simply gorgeous and I don’t need to dress it up at all.

Find yourself a conversational starter piece. It can be anything. Surprise people. Turn heads and inspire closeted rule-breakers to emerge into their own, too.

What’s your style secrets? Let us know in the comments below or share with The Jane Community on our Facebook Group Ask My Friend Jane.

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