7 wardrobe essentials that we can’t live without

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Black jeans, a statement clutch and those sexy high heels that elevate our confidence… some wardrobe items are a must for every woman. You know the pieces that you’re loyal to, no matter the season. You love them so much, that even after only using these items for a couple of years, you seek out an exact replacement. These are your wardrobe essentials.

So, Janes, what wardrobe essentials couldn’t you live without?

You’ll never find yourself frantic, sitting in a pile of clothes, trying to work out what to wear, with these wardrobe essentials.

  1. wardrobe-essentials  Black dress

You know the one. The sexy, sleek dress you pull out when we want to turn heads. It’s chic, yet comfortable, as it hugs your feminine figure. You wear your LBD when you want to make a statement, like, “look at how great I feel, post-breakup.”

  1. wardrobe-essentials  Denim jacket

One of my personal favourites, the washed-out denim jacket. It’s totally versatile and the perfect pair for black jeans and a blouse, or to drape over a summery maxi. You can bounce between ‘cool girl’ and ‘oh-so-cute.’

  1.   Leather jacket

Nothing screams sexy and slightly rebellious than all black. Rock your slick leather jacket, black jeans and a crisp white tee underneath. Watch out, boys!

  1. wardrobe-essentials  Ankle boots

These are the shoes for every season. Wear with a dress in summer, then add a cute little jacket and cardigan, come autumn. Boots are a winter staple, as well as a favourite in spring (get a colour that matches the new blooms).

  1. wardrobe-essentials  Classic white tee

The classically cool, simple white tee, with blue jeans or a maxi skirt. I wear it to brunch, running errands, when the girls come over, or on a Sunday lunch date with my husband.

  1. wardrobe-essentials  Blue jeans

Speaking of jeans, no wardrobe is complete without a comfortable, ‘my butt looks great’ pair. It’ll take some time to find your blue jeans. But, totally worth breaking a (shopping) sweat for. Once you find your pair, they’ll live in your closet for seasons.

  1. wardrobe-essentials  Oversized jumper

We ladies love to be comfortable, no matter what we’re doing. The years of the ‘fashion is pain’ mindset is well behind us… and we’ve found that sweet spot of looking great, without that uncomfortable feeling. A cute, oversized sweater with skinny jeans is one of my go-to comfortably cool outfits.

Keep these items at the front of your wardrobe, particularly on those busy Monday mornings. You’ll never have to sacrifice your style, with these wardrobe essentials. Wear them in new ways, with items you purchase to add to your collection.

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What are your favourite wardrobe essentials that you just can’t get enough of? Let us know in the comments below or share with The Jane Community on our Facebook Group Ask My Friend Jane.

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