Why You Should Have a Work Wife

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She’s the one you go to when you stressed out and need some advice. She’s the one you go to when you just need to get out of the office and go for a walk. She’s the first one you grab when it’s time for after work (or cheeky lunchtime) drinks. And most importantly, she’s the one who, when you’re having a crappy morning, walks through the door with a coffee for you. She’s your work wife, and she’s 24K gold.

The Importance of Having a Work Wife

We spend a huge amount of time at the office, and in most cases, we spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our partners or best friends. When the work stress creeps up and deadlines are looming, it helps to have someone in your corner who you know you can rely on.

Having a work wife (or work spouse) has been proven to not only help you manage stress and prevent burn out, but it can lead to increased productivity in the office and overall happiness.

10 Signs You’ve Got A Work Wife 

If you’re thinking, damn, I want to get me one of those work wives – maybe you’ve already got one, waiting in the wings, ready to go. So, how can you tell if you’ve got a work wife relationship ready to blossom? This is how:

  1. Grabbing coffee together is time you cherish

When 10 o’clock hits, there’s nothing you love more than popping out for a quick walk to your local coffee shop, to catch up on the 14 hours you weren’t together.

  1. You have identical taste in trashy TV

Gossiping about last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise is a morning ritual, even though you messaged each other throughout the entire show.

  1. You always save each other a seat

Whether it’s in the boardroom for a meeting, out for happy hour or at the end of year celebrations, you know the only place your work wife is sitting is by your side.

  1. You’re constantly tagging each other in memes

You’ve got so many inside jokes now that when you’re scrolling through Facebook and see a funny meme, only one person’s name comes to mind.

  1. She fuels your online shopping addiction

She not only helps you decided on those 10 items in your cart but also has the final yay or nay on whether or not to return the items from a recent splurge on The Iconic.

  1. You can communicate with each other with just a look

A cheeky side glance or a raised eyebrow in a meeting is all that’s needed between the two of you.

  1. When you see a Facebook Messenger notification pop up, you know it’s her

When your communication goes from your work email to Facebook Messenger, you instantly know there is some good goss about the be spilt.

  1. You feel lost when she’s on holidays

Going on holidays and leaving you alone in the office? Not cool. The office just doesn’t feel the same and the vibe is just a lot less fun.

  1. She’s the first one you go to for advice

Whether the problem is big or small, work-related or not, she’s the first person you go to for advice (or to get something off your chest.)

  1. Work wouldn’t be the same if she left

If your work wife were to leave you for another job, or a different department, you’d be crushed, and work would never be the same.

Having a work wife brings so much joy to your work life, and beyond.

Do you have a work wife? What’s your favourite part of your relationship? Let us know in the comments below or give your work wife a shout out over on the Ask My Friend Jane Facebook Group.

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